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Choosing your Best Internet Marketing Course

Article by Fione Tan

Internet marketing seminars, website workshops and social media talks are popular events nowadays. In a recent discussion at eOneNet’s Facebook page, we asked our members, “If given a choice, which would you choose, a higher priced Original Chanel bag, or a look-alike-Chanel fake bag at a cheap price?” The common answer, buy the Original as it’s a guarantee of quality and it’s authentic!

The similar idea can be placed on the seminars in the market nowadays. With the tips below, you can choose the best internet marketing course, for yourself.

1. Is there a company and a team of support?

Ask about the company, do they have their own office or merely use a virtual office, or an event’s company office? To run a successful internet marketing course, there should be also be support from a team of full time staff, not just freelancers. operate out of our self-purchased Grade A office in Kuala Lumpur, and even have offices in Hong Kong and China. The full time staff includes a team of professional IT personnel.

Warning : In some instances, there is not even a company involved, and merely some individuals working at home. The “fly by night internet marketing gurus” can easily disappear overnight.

2. How long has the Coach been selling online?

It is very easy to start an internet marketing seminar. Just create a website, and can claim as an “Internet Guru”. How did the person learn their internet business? From a book? Any real-life experience in variety of selling online methods? was started in 1999, and since then, we have successfully sold B2B, B2C, services and even digital information to customers globally. Ranging from H1N1 flu masks, to Japanese certified organic skincare, these are just some of the websites and products that is selling. During the outbreak of H1N1 in South America, already made sales of US,000 for this 1 single product idea in 7 Days !

In 2003, launched the first internet marketing coaching program in Malaysia, to provide hands-on workshop with systematic elearning program. With our experience in dealing with manufacturers, retailers, service providers, and even part-time internet entrepreneurs, obstacles you face when starting your own eCommerce business idea can be easily solved by our experienced team. More info and workshops dates are at

Warning : Some “Overnight gurus” just learnt from another experienced internet marketing coach, and in just a few months, they start their own internet marketing seminar. Do you really want to be a guinea pig and listen to unproven tactics for your global business? You should learn from the real “guru” and not from their just started learning students. Imagine if you are due for a complicated operation, but the person who operates on you, is not the surgeon but merely a helper who have watched several hours of operations.

3. How much money is the Company is making online, selling products, services, not selling classes.

If you aim to make ,000 a month, shouldn’t your coach earn more than this? Your chosen internet marketing coach, should earn 0,000!

If the coach is really earning money online, you are guaranteed that you are getting real experience and useful knowledge. Ask about samples of some products that they are selling and judge if the experience is adequate for a variety of products, or only limited to their type of products selling.

If the trainer says, it’s a training for internet marketing millionaires, then you should ask, are you a multi-millionaire already? sells millions of dollars via the Internet, and has even created the highest number of Internet millionaire entrepreneurs, via our internet marketing coaching.

Warning : Some internet marketing gurus make money by selling you the ebook of how to make money online, but no real experience of selling other items on the Internet, therefore how would you expect them to be able to help your business grow online?

4. Evaluate the Course Topics. Do you need to buy multiple Classes?

If you can get a class that gives you multi-angled internet marketing topics, you will learn more techniques to start and promote the website. Let’s say it’s a class to Sell on x auction site, you will only learn about x auction site, but how about other shopping malls, social media sites like Facebook or search engines visitors?

Not only that, evaluate the experience of the speaker/trainer in those topics, and the level of success. coaches, have been activately running various websites, and passes out practical advice from our own experience. The advanced internet marketing coaching that we offer, starts from US0 per month, and topics are updated regularly to meet the latest topics in Internet Marketing. By the way, there are no “additional workshops” to sign after this advanced workshop.

Warning : Some seminars charge very low fees, e.g. US for 2 days talk, with over 8 speakers, including international ones. Moreover, without any hands-on computer training, and merely speaking, what would you be able to learn?

Be careful of internet marketing course that try to sell you more courses later on (back end sales). One of my clients shared with me, that in after an internet marketing course that she paid US,000 for, there was a subsequent class for US,500 for coaching, and then another set of ebooks/ materials to purchase, and total fees spent over US,500. Therefore, in, we inform the clients of all items ahead of time, and no “extra advanced” courses, if already signed for our advanced coaching.

5. Actual experience in selling globally, not just locally

To get consistent income and achieve business growth, you should aim for global market. If currently, your business is limited to a local market, imagine the possibilities if you can target customers globally.

Since 1999, eOneNet has been selling various merchandise online, to customers globally, ranging from USA, and even to Africa!

With Asia being the largest internet population market, think also methods to target Asian countries, and not just only how to sell to western market. The biggest internet population country is China, but what works in USA might not work in China! Therefore, HK and China office can provide insights on how to make sell to the world’s largest internet market – China.

Warning : If the web course only teaches you to sell on a selected platform, you will only get customers that reach that portal. How about customers that do not use that website, or uses alternative techniques such as direct searches in global search engines?

6. Finding the Internet Marketing Coach on Search Engines?

The No.1 proven way to find customers is to get Natural Top 10 Rankings in search engines, especially Google. Go to Google and search e.g. Internet Marketing Coach, or Internet Marketing DVD, or other keywords, can you find the internet marketing course listed there?

Avoid learning SEO (search engine optimization), from gurus that claim to know it, but can’t even display any real competitive search keywords natural listing.

Limit not only to Google, how about other search engines for the country that you wish to aim for? How about the Chinese search engines, and Chinese keywords? Not only has gained thousands of No.1 rankings in search engines, we have also trained many of our internet marketing students to also gain the No.1 rankings for free, bringing in sales of over US0,000 per order for the clients.

Warning : Lots of gurus use the term “internet marketing coach”, but if you perform a search online in search engines, these so-called gurus are not even listed, or worse still, merely advertising there.

If you want to create a No.1 brand for your website, you should learn from the World’s No.1 as well! has thousands of rankings for the products that we sell, all for FREE, and therefore gets customers from

7. Who are the Trainers / Coaches of the Course?

To get sign ups for internet marketing courses, the fees are normally displayed to be high in fees and then at times, the price is slashed tremendously, even up to 50%. Ask yourself, does the trainers of the course, worth as much as they have stated? Do they have real customers, who are hiring them for personalized consultancies? How did they learn the skill? Do they have practical experience with each topic, they are teaching?

Fione Tan, CEO of has been hired by various clients, ranging from Japan to Middle East, paying up to US,500 per hour. She will be one of the trainers of the eOneNet advanced workshops, and be handling the majority of the personalized online coaching follow up with each student.

Our workshop, begins with the hands-on workshop in a classroom of about 30 only, followed by personalized one-to-one online coaching to ensure that we can offer you the best custom made solution to your problems when running your eCommerce business.

Warning : Be wary of the many “textbook gurus”, who have just learned from ebooks, other courses, and suddenly decided to start selling courses.

Since 1999, has trained thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs to use free, effective internet marketing strategies. has been interviewed by most major media, including CNBC Asia, Bloomberg, ChannelNewsAsia, CCTV, TV3, NTV7, 988 FM, Metro Radio HK, and Fione has been called

“Internet Magician” from Jessica magazine,

“No.1 Internet Marketing Coach” Kosmo Malaysia

“Internet Marketing Queen” NTV7

Some of the awards won include :-

2011 JCI Top 10 Creative Young Entrepreneurs Award (Malaysia)

2011 Distinguished Enterprise Marketing Award (Hong Kong Metro Radio)

2009 Distinguished Brand Awards Hong Kong (Capital)

2008 Malaysia Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs (SME Corp)

Want to get started immediately, and discover how to make money online, in 10 simple steps? Sign up for the Facebook x Google marketing internet seminar by, to learn how to create a million dollar internet business via eCommerce at our website

About the Author

Fione Tan is the President & CEO of, ranked World’s No.1 Internet Marketing Coach in top search engines. eOneNet has offices in Malaysia, China and Hong Kong

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