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Getting good content for your site!

Getting good content for your site is the main difficult Markeketing area.


Here are some ideas to create a very good content for your site.


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Irresistible content for immovable prospects

  • Irresistible content for immovable prospects. The golden rule for when it’s time to sell.
  • There’s content that entertains. This is about a different kind of content… And content that helps.
  • This is about content that sells. Because, at some point, you’re probably going to want to ask for the order.
  • You’ve nurtured this lead through the mythical funnel. You’ve made a friend. You’ve earned trust. You’ve got a prospect in your sites. The candy-assed stuff is over. When it’s time to sell, content has to change gear.
  • You have only one goal now and only one enemy. And they’re not what you may think.
  • The goal: get the prospect to contact your sales team. Yep. They call you and ask to be closed.
  • The enemy? It’s not that giant competitor. It’s not the upstart newbie. It’s not the disruptor out of left field.
  • The enemy is inertia. Doing nothing. Standing pat. Staying put. Sticking.
  • Know this: Change sucks.Nobody wants to change. Nobody. Even when they say they do.
  • People only change when they’re forced to. Literally forced.
  • Performance risk — “It won’t work.” Financial risk — “It’ll cost more than it saves.” Opportunity risk — “It’ll block option B.” Social risk — “No one will like it, or me.” Personal risk — “I will get fired.” Change carries risk.
  • Even the most compulsive gambler is actually, at heart, deeply risk averse. No one likes risk.
  • In the face of all this risk, the only thing that can force someone to change…
  • is change.
  • A real, undeniable, significant and relevant change in the world is the only thing that forces people to change their own world.
  • A real, undeniable, significant and relevant change in the world Not invented. The elephant in the room. Directly connected to the reader. Impact-causing.
  • So the first and most important job of content that sells is to convince your prospect that the world has changed in a real, undeniable, significant and relevant way.
  • If you succeed at this, you will create the first critical crack in the barrier to change.
  • And you will have earned your oneshotatovercomingtheinertia that kills sales stone dead.
  • Okay.
  • How do you convince your prospect of this real, undeniable, significantandrelevant change? Let’s take it two adjectives at a time…
  • The change is real and undeniable. To prove this, you need evidence, in the form of: Data — reliable, honest, clear and compelling data. 3rd-party support — media, analysts, other buyers… A driver — something tangible that’s causing the change.
  • The change is significant and relevant. To prove this, you need logic: To show the change is inevitable — there can be only one consequence. To connect the change to the prospect — showing how it must rock their world. To inject urgency — showing that the impact is imminent.
  • If you do this, you start a psychological chain reaction. And the effect is remarkable…
  • If you succeed, the risk of inaction becomes greater than the risk of action.
  • This is worth repeating: If you succeed, the risk of inaction becomes greater than the risk of action.
  • And when you reach this moment, selling can begin. (But before you do, it can’t.)
  • Content that sells, sells change. Hard.
  • Content that sells creates a receptive prospect. One that’s not just ready but eager to hear about your solution. Really.
  • Content that sells gets prospects to contact your sales people instead of sitting around waiting to be contacted. And that is a wonderful thing.
  • Six characteristics of content that sells change.
  • It’s direct and assertive. Short, clear and muscular. Using ‘you’ a lot. Looking the prospect in the eye.
  • It starts with what the prospect already knows. And builds from there. You can’t start from a controversial premise. Start with the obvious, told with a fresh spin.
  • It’s linear. This is no time for browsing around. Take the reader by the hand and don’t let go till you’re done. Build your argument.
  • It’s data driven. But doesn’t let the data swamp the story. Data is support, not substance.
  • It asks for the order. This is the bottom of the bottom of the funnel. Close this thing.
  • It makes now seem like the ideal time to act. If it’s an early market, sell the first-mover advantage. If it’s later, show how they can avoid the pioneers’ mistakes. And always highlight the very real cost of delay.
  • This kind of content is more like selling and less like marketing. And it’s not ashamed of that.
  • Go forth and sell.
  • Go forth and sell change. The real, undeniable, significant and relevant kind.
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