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If your just like most of people who you on a point or another one in the life circumstances of 40x40x40 the plan. If you feel never heard of this plan by, you not bad are yourself. This manner of life has this way deeply rooted in the Western world lives that we live without ever giving a second idea. What is exactly 40x40x40 the plan. Most of people put it this way.

You work 40 hours by week-40 jaar-Voor received of 40% a reduction pay (pension). I weet it, it do not sound terrible good. This manner of life took keep at the beginning of 1900 is with the industrial revolution. By that time most of people who property there is own small companies can exist. In my opinion we see break-down of this system, at least in the United States. By the globalisation of the economy worlds American companies are faced with a number of choices. Gone of all middle-class job possibly, if not all products overseas by moving your company cost labour be a fraction of what they rise in the US, or for the American employees and a manner finds more job in the US does not have to I tell that you that choice has been generally taken. On a or other American creativeness and patriotism do not work as goes for this subject. Anyhow 100′ s of thousands of job has lost has gone in the previous years with no end in visibility is. I weet a couple, and I want get rich them gone and only to listen. It is possible very revealing. I ask of them how the US would keep myself with little to none middle-class?, They are people who repeatedly buy the most from the goods and services to controlling the economy. To be answer was, with new economies such as India and China, we no need for the Americans will buy this way much as in the previous years.

He said that the Americans still for purchase of certain needs, but we no longer exclusively on the American middle class. I get a general feeling when I around these people who so-called middle-class-Amerika are toast. They seem think that the middle class is making too much money could in their change purse. That feeling gets I seems correctly believe that rich getting much richer rapidly! Whereas the middle class disappears. There is said that there three different classes in the close future. The super richly, rich and the poor employees. Yes the middle class becomes the working poor. Even if you think that you a good salary does not come enjoy you able living now and plan/save for the future. Why? The costs the matter which you have necessary in living are loved, more and more your money. Heating and air conditioning your house, the gas in your car, feeding etc.

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