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Article by Paul Farman

Outside of Passive Online Profits, there are lot’s of lead generating, email sending and voice broadcasting tools on the internet. I’ve personally purchased and used most of them. Tools such as.1. Ibuzz Pro2. Phone Gold Miner3. Phone Broadcast Club4. Scraper Pro Platinum5. The Lead Dawg6. Push Button Dialer7. Push Button Emailer8. Atomic Emailer9. Atomic Email HunterNow there are quite a few other products out there that I didn’t mention, but I have personally used every single product on this list except for one. I have not listed them in any particular order, just from the top of my head.So here is the thing. All of these products function in varying degrees. Some are great and some are not so great. While I won’t go into details on which are better for what. I will say this, Passive Online Profits is faster than any of these other programs in terms on lead generation. In addition Passive Online Profits does everything that these separate tools do all in one easy to use tool.That’s really the kicker. Whereas before, you had to harvest numbers using one tool, then harvest emails using another tool. Then send emails using another tool, finally send voice broadcast messages using yet another tool.Not only was this process more time consuming, it was also much more expensive because you had to purchase each tool separately.Passive Online Profits Solves that Problem completely. Passive Online Profits is a system that every newbie, home business member or affiliate marketer NEEDS. It’s an all in one system that will EXPLODE your sales with ANY online business or affiliate program and pay you 0 Commissions at the same time. P.O.P. has it all. Every marketing tool in 1 package. Very easy to use. They have live training 7 days per week and libe opportunity calls every day too.

About the Author

Paul Farman has a background in business development, and has recently become a valuable resource in the world of network marketing by developing easy-to-use tools for the beginner, as well as advanced MLM’er. His GoScraper and Net Extractor have dominated the market and every home based network marketer is amazed at how simple and functional these tools are. GoScraper and Net Extractor are a great value providing excellent leads and prospects to the home based business owner.Now a top earner with Passive Online Profits 916-806-4536.

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