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Small Business Internet Marketing Florida – Monitoring Marketing Plan and Strategies

Article by REAL Internet And Mobile Marketing

Small Business Internet Marketing Florida – Monitoring Marketing Plan and Strategies

Year end is an excellent time to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing plan and strategies. As a small business owner it is critical to understand and objectively evaluate your successes and failures of your marketing plan and strategies over the course of the year.

Small Business Internet Marketing Florida – Monitoring Frequency

One of aspects to evaluate is the frequency you monitor the marketing plan and strategies. Ideally you need to evaluate the plan more frequently than once a year. But for many small business owners this is a path of least resistance. There are so many factors which prevent a disciplined evaluation of the marketing plan throughout the year, but I suspect the main culprit is time.

Small Business Internet Marketing – Monitor Analogy

An analogy to understand the importance of monitoring can be thought of as a large ship making a long voyage across the ocean. If you think about a large ship, it cannot make radical course corrections in short periods of time. Instead it must rely on small and frequent course adjustments in order to reach its destination as planned. Let’s take the comparison of two similar ships with two very different captains. The first captain is undisciplined when it comes to monitoring the ship’s course while the second captain follows a disciplined approach no matter the circumstances during the voyage.The two ships leave the harbor at the same time. Both captains point their ships in the right direction and speed to reach the destination as planned. Hours into the voyage a storm appears with strong winds and high waves which begin to affect the course of both ships. Both captains focus on immediate issues brought up by the storm. As the storm continues, the disciplined-captain takes the time to review the ship’s current course. The disciplined-captain notices the ship has drifted off course and because of strong head winds slowed the ship down considerably. The disciplined-captain orders a slight change in course and speed to reach the final destination as planned. The undisciplined-captain does not monitor the ships course. Now imagine more storms occur throughout the voyage, which is typical for any business during the course of the year.As the planned arrival time approaches, the undisciplined-captain evaluates the current location of the ship. Unfortunately he realizes the ship has drifted hundreds of miles off course and is much further from the destination. The undisciplined-captain orders a radical turn in direction which takes the large ship time to make this turn. Also the captain orders full speed ahead thus using tremendous amounts of fuel.In the meantime the disciplined-captain is nearing the destination as planned. No radical adjustments are needed to reach the destination on time. The captain is pleased with the results even though the journey did not occur as originally planned.As the undisciplined-captain approaches the destination, he realizes they are days behind schedule and endanger of running out of fuel. The unintended fuel usage greatly increased the planned costs of the voyage.Even though this may be a silly analogy, the moral is quite clear. Because the disciplined-captain constantly monitored the ship’s course, he only made minor adjustments to reach the final destination as planned. On the other hand, the undisciplined captain did not frequently monitor the ship’s course and had to make radical changes which still did not guarantee a successful voyage.

Conclusion – Disciplined Approach to Internet Marketing Monitoring

You can think of your business like the two ships. You start with a plan and goal. During the course of the year, you will encounter many storms which will have an impact to your marketing plan. In order to have a higher chance of success, constant monitoring of your course is critical to achieve your marketing plan and costs.If constant monitoring of your marketing plan and strategies is not part of your routine, please make sure it is included in your new year’s resolutions; to be a disciplined-captain of your ship.In the next article you will discover what makes up a disciplined approach to monitor your marketing plan and strategies.

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