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Three new trend accelerate Internet marketing upheavals

Article by Anay

The Internet in China and the world is undergoing a revolutionary change, new Internet application such as social networks, video and mobile Internet of booming development, let Internet users by “portal era” of the acquisition of information into information and marriage, critics of traditional media pattern is broken, the mass media to architecture, access to information, present a fragmentation trend. In the face of such change, how to reconstruct the media, users and advertisers, let the interactive relationship between the network marketing, keep up with the trends have a definite object in view and find a way to adapt to the new way of the Internet marketing, become the industry to study further topic.

The Internet marketing to upgrade

According to statistics, in the first half of 2011, China’s Internet users totaled 485 million, penetration rate of more than 36%. Among them the Internet phone users to 318 million, accounting for two-thirds of Internet users. In 2012, and the mobile phone Internet users will break 600 million, more than the computer Internet users. And micro blogging to the development of the social media is in the ascendant, users from the content of the web site is beyond the content, the development of further. WEB2.0 increasingly Social marketing media environment gradually mature, the traditional marketing idea faces a challenge, this is the global digital marketing field our Shared problems.

“Little bo, social media, network video and mobile Internet growth obvious that it will be the current Internet development of 3 big trends.” Sohu joint company President and chief operating officer in the WangXin held a “open, real-time, marketing, understanding of the relationship between ecological change–2011 sohu Ad on marketing leaders summit” on said.

She thinks, this 3 big trends makes the Internet marketing theory system upgrade is always in the evolution, “the Internet as a mainstream media increasingly prominent role, in the face of increasingly sophisticated media environment, to further use of network marketing value, we need to constantly refresh marketing concept, deep insight into the influence of various factors of network marketing pattern”.

Throughout the global Internet marketing, developed countries such as the United States, Europe and other Internet advertising revenue has already surpassed newspaper media, become the TV advertisement after the second big advertising market. The interactive advertising bureau (IAB), which senior vice President and chief marketing officer David Doty said, American Internet advertising market in 2010 has amounted to .6 billion, in 2010 China Internet network advertising revenue has reached 32.1 billion RMB.

He also said: “advertisers are more and more recognized the value of the Internet advertising, and said that want to add to the Internet advertising, hope the Internet advertising in the consumers’ mind the increase visibility, purchase intent, liking degrees, and recommend degree so effect, but the Internet practitioners to the market marketing personnel to provide effective it will only stay in click, browse duration, etc, there is a gap between two indexes, therefore, American Internet advertising practitioners, and work together, by increasing the creative expression and unified advertising measure to strengthen brand advertising effect. This on the marketing market is enlightenment.” Three ways to build future digital marketing pattern

Sohu as China’s network marketing a nucleus, the development of the social media very fast, WangXin think upgrade is the main way to deal with this kind of change. Close to the Internet development the situation out of different stages of Internet marketing strategies, from early portal of the integration of marketing strategy, development into sohu portal matrix of the marketing idea, to the latest upgrade edition sohu marketing three strategic marketing, constantly upgrade is now in order to adapt to the development speed of the Internet with each passing day.

WangXin analysis says, at the present time sohu matrix product have already made his mark, so it can be upgraded to marketing resources. “Sohu video, sogou search, sohu micro Po and sohu white society, and vertical, including automobile, real estate, finance and game, after DuoNian accumulation this several platforms have has matured in various fields, already owned the corresponding market share.” She also said: “platform have vitality, marketing value after to get the corresponding reflect. Hope to rely on traditional media in enterprise portal, influence the credibility of the above, can do marketing in the above four areas launch more rich and colorful cooperation.”

In this concept, for example, if a WangXin advertisers may with sohu video cooperation a network drama, through sohu before the micro bo to actress and actor of selection, selection of sohu entertainment in before the media preheated. After selected through the front page, sohu entertainment channel for new faces recommendation propaganda. “The whole marketing throughout the bo, gateway, and entertainment media, media video, will be very integration of Internet marketing layout, this is in four ‘portal +’ on the integration of an idea.” WangXin says, this concept can give advertisers in sohu portal marketing value, and provide four strong outside on the platform of marketing, including how to on the blog marketing, how in the marketing, how to in sogou platform SEM marketing, including video marketing.

At present the wireless Internet users has reached 360 million, and China mobile phone users group has more than 9. We forecast 2012 China mobile phone users will probably exceed the size of the PC the size of the Internet users and tablet computer the size of the user. In such a situation, the wireless Internet marketing becomes a forward-looking.

So, wireless Internet marketing strategy, one is caught China’s huge the smartphone market characteristic; 2 it is sohu will hold fast to smart phones on the market in the rich and colorful characteristics, there are a lot of wireless APP and the application of the interface will have a very good in application. This to the Internet marketing provided very have imagination space platform, including combined with the position, with local business consumption, combined limit strengthening technical, in each application on the level of user groups according to different characteristics of the precise marketing.

Combined with the trend of the development of the Internet portal sohu “+” strengthen the trend, through the powerful platform to support the corresponding fields of Internet marketing results. At the same time, for enterprise set up with small bo, as a representative of the new social public opinion environment, and a communication platform of consumers. Finally to wireless Internet field further exploration and three new trend. Digital marketing lead

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